Time by myself

Whilst we love to spend a longer time on our yoga practices we know that just isn’t always possible.  Often you may only have 15 minutes in your busy lives - if you find yourself in that situation then these videos are for you.  In each video I focus on one part of the body.  Before you start I suggest that you prepare your mat, have a couple of blocks (or big books) to hand so that you can unwind straight into these practices.  

I will add extra short practices here over the next few days.

Ann Maree x

Yin with the lambs

Practice 5 - Fifteen minutes of yin from the deck at the Ministry of Yoga with an accompaniment from mother nature.

Neck and Shoulders

Practice 4 - Fifteen minutes of vinyasa

Short vinyasa

Practice 3 - A fifteen minutes practice for you.

Full body movement

Practice 2 - A fifteen minute practice for you.

Suriya Namaska

Practice 1 - A seven minute practice of warming and settling yoga to celebrate the rising of the sun.

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